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Welcome to Zealyen Infotech's dynamic internship program, where we offer a gateway to a world of learning and innovation. Our internship provides a unique opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in cutting-edge projects, guided by experienced professionals in the industry. Interns will gain hands-on experience and receive certificates, Elevate your skill set, enrich your professional portfolio, and boost your resume with practical learning opportunities using industry-leading tools. At Zealyen Infotech, we are committed to nurturing talent and providing an enriching environment for growth. Join us on this journey of knowledge and skill enhancement, and let your internship experience be a stepping stone towards a successful career.

Internship Program 2024

Internship Details:

Location : Remote (Online)
Working Hours : Flexible

Domains :

1) Web Development
2) App Development
Android Studio/HTML/CSS/JS/JAVA
3) UI/UX Design
4) Java FullStack
5) WebMaster
Digital Infrastructure/Web Hosting

Requirements :

1) Available to all streams.
2) Freshers and college students can apply for the internship.
3) Ability to work cross-functionally Team.

Exclusive perks : 
1) Long time WebDev Support: 

Chat with our Industrial Experts and Access Trending Codes, materials.

2)  Assistance for Resume Building: 

Enhance your resume for professional growth.

3)  Portfolio Assist: 

Build your portfolio and Host it online through Zealyen Infotech Domain.

Certificates and Documents: 

Throughout the internship, you will be awarded the following certificates:

1) Internship Offer Letter
2) Internship Completion Certificate
3) Project Completion Certificate

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